BBC Inspirational Teacher Winner – Mr Jaffary

Fantastic news and a well deserved award for PE Teacher Mr Jaffary yesterday evening at the BBC Inspirational Teacher Awards 2015.  The event was held in the Courtyard Theatre at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds and Mr Jaffary was supported by colleagues and Headteacher Mr Kneeshaw.  BBC Radio Leeds broadcaster, Andrew Edwards, hosted the event along with a familiar fox by the name of Basil Brush(!) and we were treated to a wealth of local talent such as the award-winning Lindley Junior School Choir and Carlton Main Frickley Brass Band.

Mr Jaffary was shortlisted for the Inspirational Extra-Curricular Teacher by the school’s Year 8 Girls’ Cricket Team – also known as ‘Yorkshire Champions’, and was absolutely thrilled to win the award.


Congratulations Mr Jaffary – we are all proud of you!


Bradford Festival 2015

Miss Merifield led our talented Y7 choir during their appearances at Bradford Festival on Saturday.  They were very well received by the thousands of Bradfordians out and about for the festival, getting some wonderful compliments from  other choirs and huge applause from their audiences.  Here they are at the Interchange, outside Waterstones and at the finale in Centenary Square:

Bfd Fest 3 Bfd Fest 2 Bfd Fest

‘Leading on Literacy’ Festival aka ‘LOL Fest’!

House of Commons

We are very excited about our upcoming ‘Leading on Literacy Festival’ which is happening at the end of term.  LOL Fest is happening after exam week, starting on the 6th of July with the celebrations and winners events occurring the week after.  It’s a really nice way to finish the year, with a whole school fun event during the last two weeks.

The theme this summer is oracy.  There will be some great prizes (including golden tickets!) and having the festival in the last two weeks will help us to really go to town – exciting!  Each year group is having its own celebration event and visiting speaker:

  1. Monday 13th July session 6 – Y9.
  2. Tuesday 14th July session 6 – Y8.
  3. Wednesday 15th session 6 – Y10.
  4. Thursday 16th session 6 – Y7.

What a golden opportunity!

Carlton Bolling College – Bringing Everyone Together!




Also, congratulations to our Headteacher’s PA Janet Dunn for being presented with a certificate at the Community Late Lunch in recognition of her amazing charitable work:

Y10 Sociology students visited Chatsworth House on Wednesday.  The weather was glorious and we were taken down to Derbyshire in style, with a brand new coach from West Yorkshire Travel.  Eileen navigated us there perfectly with a very easy journey down the M1.

Chatsworth is where the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire live – members of the British aristocracy.  The students visited so that they could add to their studies about high culture, the effect of culture on family life, inequality, changing norms over time and cultural diversity.  In Sociology ‘culture’ means ‘the way of life of a group of people’ (so in this case a particular social class).  We were shown around the house by two very knowledgeable guides who let us ask lots of questions and were happy to let us have a go on the special chairs that had been made for an art installation.

After a picnic lunch in the grounds, soaking up the sun (and being attacked by ducks!), we toured the ‘back garden’ of the Duke and Duchess – with the main attraction being to find the centre of the maze. 

The winners did their Geography teachers proud by using the compass on their smart phones (some of the competitors thought this was cheating!).

Chatsworth 1 blog Chatsworth 2 blog Chatsworth 3 blog Chatsworth 4 blog Chatsworth 5 blog

Going BANANAS for Fairtrade!

Carlton Bolling College went BANANAS over Fairtrade during the official ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ (23rd Feb – 8th March 2015), and we are now officially a ‘Fair Aware school’!

The year 13 Business Studies group worked extremely hard to promote Fairtrade throughout the school and to educate everyone about what Fairtrade means.

A BUNCH of resources were sent out to tutors to encourage Fairtrade tutorials, and there was also THAT assembly to educate all year groups. Who could forget the sight of a very embarrassed Solen running around in a very aPEEELing banana costume to promote Fairtrade? Students gave very positive feedback after the assemblies, and it seemed to be the talk of the school. In the canteen, the year 13 group produced a massive display providing information about Fairtrade, why you should buy it, how it helps and what to buy. It was accompanied by balloons and inflatable bananas and really brightened up the whole canteen.

Fairtrade Logo Banana Banana Costume

The business Studies group were able to put into practice their persuasion and liaising talents by writing letters to different organisations to sponsor the Fairtrade activities at the school. They were overjoyed when Nestle responded by donating a huge Fairtrade hamper filled with a variety of Nestle products. Tesco also responded and kindly donated a £10 gift voucher which the students used to buy more Fairtrade products.

Winners Tea Solen Raffle

These were used as incentives to enter the Fairtrade poster competition – and it certainly did motivate! We were overwhelmed by the amount of entries, and the students spent a lot of time judging all the high quality posters. It was evident that students had learnt a lot about Fairtrade and some had spent a lot of time outside of school producing excellent work to meet the criteria of the competition.

Prize Mr Miah

ICT and Media students were encouraged to enter the nationwide competition ‘PrintIT!’ which gave them an opportunity to compete with students from around the country and to win prizes as well as being invited to a prestigious awards ceremony.

Fairtrade Fortnight was an overwhelming success, with both students and staff learning about Fairtrade and how the effects it has on a global scale. It was great to develop links with local businesses who were keen to donate the wonderful prizes and it was GREAT to see the amount of effort and creativity demonstrated in the competition entries.

Well done to the year 13 business class for organising all the events during Fairtrade Fortnight I’m sure you’ll agree they did a splendid job! Thank you also to all the teachers who took the time to teach and encourage the creativity and independent learning required to enter the competition, thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to everyone who brought joy by dancing around in that banana costume!

Inflatable bananas Canteen

Eesa Performs at School Prom

Eesa Amin, winner of the Lady Mayoress’ Festival of Talent, Secondary Schools Category, performed at St. George’s Hall at the Bradford Schools’ Prom yesterday evening.  His repertoire of famous impersonations, which won him the coveted prize, wowed the audience yet again.  There is no doubting Eesa’s talent and the fact that he is a natural on the stage!

IMG_4477 IMG_4471

Pushing Ahead for Exam Success – The Passport to the Future!

Year 11 students finished their week of mock exams on Friday and are looking forward to our big results assembly this Friday.  Many of them will be coming in for extra study sessions, provided by their dedicated teachers, over the Easter holidays and then starting their last month of lessons before the big exams start.  The eleven years of their school career so far have been leading up to this moment, so we wish them all the very best and they have the will of the whole school behind them.  All they need to do is revise!

KS5 are having their mocks this week too and, like some KS4 students, have already done some of their exams for things like Art.  They are closer to their moment of becoming specialists – either through study at University, study at FE, jobs or training.  Exciting times!

We also break up for the Easter holidays on Friday (apart from those holiday sessions I mentioned for Y11!) and these holidays fall at this time because of the Christian festival of Easter.  Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates the belief in the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, three days after he was executed. The Easter story is at the heart of Christianity.

Easter in Britain is also based upon an older tradition, when the goddess Eostre was honoured by the Anglo-Saxons, and she is the namesake of the Christian festival which replaced it.  Apparently it goes back even further to a Proto-Indo-European goddess called Hausōs who was the personification of dawn (the start of the day).  Whatever beliefs people hold dear, Spring is always a special time of new beginnings as the earth starts to re-awaken from a Winter slumber – so we hope you all have a great holiday!

Prepare to be Moved…by Raza’s account of his recent visit to Auschwitz along with three other Sixth Form students

Are You Doing Something Funny for Money?

It’s Comic Relief day on Friday 13th March (ominous!) and Carlton Bolling College students and staff will be taking part by wearing something red in addition to our usual uniforms and paying £1 for the privilege.  Barkerend Primary School choir are joining forces with our Year 7 choir to give a Red Nose Performance to students and staff – rumour has it that we are having a sing-along!  Come and join in…..what are you doing for Red Nose Day?

Comic Relief Lenny Henry 740x740_The-Red-Nose-1