Johnathan’s Weekly Ramblings!

According to secret sources sending me information, this week (Tuesday 27th) Year 8 have their annual Parents’ Evening in the Gym and Lower Drama Hall from 3.30pm to 6.00pm.  Oh the tension in the room!

In other news, there is a hopeful plea from Miss Henstock’s Child Development girls, who would very much appreciate any donations of old or unwanted toys and books to assist with their coursework over the upcoming weeks. The briefing is for anything of any shape or size. Thanks in advance have been supplied, so you will probably feel pretty guilty now if you are unable to contribute.

A particularly interesting event, at least for Post 16 ICT/Business students, is the vocational trip to the cultured lights of Paris, scheduled from 1st to 4th February. Let us hope that all those visiting will be able to appreciate the wonder, romanticism and magic of this ancient city, the inspiration for many an artist, philosopher, scientist, writer alike. That though no one will begrudge the Bradford tourists the odd foray into the retail side of the French capital, they will take note of the history and the influence that has emanated from the streets of Paris.

In typically whimsical fashion, Carlton Bolling College has its ‘Idiom of the Week’, which is…imagine the drum roll please…Red Herring. It is believed that the saying originates from the fishes used in hunting. When salted and smoked, herrings turn a deep red colour, with a very strong smell. According to ‘Cox’s Gentlemen Recreations’ (there’s a Father’s Day present!) of 1686, a herring dragged along the ground was a good way to train hunting dogs following a fox scent; inevitably though a herring could sometimes be used to lay a false trail across a fox’s path, which the dogs had to learn to ignore. Taken from this origin, it is hardly surprising that since the 1880s a red herring has become an idiom for a false clue, or a thing that diverts from the truth. Quite interesting!

As a final note, congratulations are in order to Year 7 for the best attendance last week. Evidently in their early throes of high school excitement and diligence (oh to be back in those heady carefree days!) the dedication (or the fear of punishment) remains. I can just hear our attendance officer wishing that was the case throughout a student’s school career ….here’s hoping!


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