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Following the wintery interruption last week we return to another five days of academia in the run up to the half-term break, and with weather forecasters hinting at further snowy spells we wait with bated (if frozen) breath.

As many of this readership will be aware, via varying media outlets, the latest school tables, statistics and general quantitative efforts produced from those in charge of education nationally were released late last week.  Our individual school has cause for celebrations; despite having the third lowest (26th out of 29 Bradford schools relating to the KS2 Points of students who come to us) prior ability intake we came joint 12th for 5 A*-C GCSEs, including English and Maths, which places us in the lofty heights of the top half. According to that we are better than average! Focusing on further breakdowns of the figures we were placed joint 11th for expected English progress, alongside Bingley Grammar.  However, I have kept the best to last, if you thought joint 12th and 11th was good then have a look at us in 4th place for both Maths expected progress and average English and Maths combined progress, 4th out of 29. Only Beckfoot School (Outstanding school), Ilkley Grammar (Good school) and Feversham are above us there!

A particular favourite weekly feature is the Idiom of the Week – fairly self-explanatory. Last week we had the Red Herring, this week we take a look at the Lion’s Share. In one of Aesop’s (Google it) many fables a lion hunts with a jackal and fox, killing a stag into four portions; in dividing the carcass, the lion decides that the first portion should go to him as the “King of beasts”, the second also he decides should go himself as the “judge” and the third portion (I think you know what is coming) is claimed by the lion for being the “best hunter” (terms have been simplified, no comment on your intelligence, it’s just that translation from ancient Greek is rather difficult). On the fourth and final portion the lion also asserts ownership, though at this point little reason is necessary. As a result we have come to term the whole or majority share of something as the ‘Lion’s share’. See the tenuous link?

In final news there is an exhibition of student prints hung in Bradford’s illustrious Cartwright Hall as part of an exhibition called ‘Here we Live’. The home of Hockney’s art, recently of Rossetti’s and Morris’, accompanied by our own students masterpieces – I am not biased, I promise. Alongside their placement in the centre of Lister Park’s fecund surroundings, they are also being hung in shops and businesses in Otley Road at the bottom of the hill from school. The pieces focus upon positives relating to the relationship of people in the local community, creating artful prints of local shop keepers and business people working within the area close to Carlton Bolling.

Jonathan Green, Y13.


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CBC is a vibrant, successful and friendly school with a wonderful group of students and dedicated team of staff.

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  1. Fantastic results. Really proud of CBC students!

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  2. Brilliant results CBC. I’m really proud to be a part of the staff there. Jonathan, your ramblings are much appreciated as always.


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