This Week at Carlton Bolling……

We have another very busy week for everyone at CBC.  Year 11 in particular are feeling ‘the burn’ as their exams approach, with teachers pulling out all the stops for them and providing lots of opportunities to help them succeed (such as Stretch classes for example).

However, there are also plenty of enrichment activities happening too.  AS English Language are visiting Sheffield Hallam on Monday 9th March with Mr O’Driscoll and Mr Khan, a six week student leadership programme called ‘BD3 Connecting Schools Leadership Programme’  started on Monday, and Y7 are getting to see a Road Safety Drama today (very important as there are plenty of busy roads and built up areas around school).  Y7 are also getting their SSL reward trip tomorrow so well done to all the lucky people who have earned a place on that!

Two big events are taking place this week too.  Firstly, the Final of the Lady Mayoress’ Festival of Talent will take place on Thursday 12th March 7.00pm at the Henry Mitchell Hall, Bradford College, Great Horton Road (the Victorian building just one up from the new Hockney Building). Eesa Amin will be representing Carlton Bolling with his hilarious stand up show and it would be great for him to have lots of support on the night!   Tickets are £5 for adults and £3 for students and are available from Miss Merifield.  Secondly, we are gearing up for Red Nose Day on Friday and the year 7 choir (with Barkerend Choir) will be performing together for the rest of year 7.  Students and staff will be wearing something red in addition to their usual uniform and paying £1 for the privilege.

Also, don’t forget, that reading regularly is the pathway to success!  If families have time to listen to people read then it helps to develop skills that are proven to support high achievement.



Students Visit Bruges

As part of the Comenius Project, Miss Stone and Mr Hafesji took seven students to visit a primary school in Eeklo, Belgium. The group met with representatives from schools from Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden to look at responsibility and entrepreneurial learning.

During their time in Belgium, pupils taught English to the primary school students, played golf and became trained in circus skills. Presentations were created demonstrating entrepreneurial skills as they sang, performed poetry and traded goods in Bruges. The local delicacies were tasted such as cheese and waffles, not to mention the many Belgium chocolates that were purchased and consumed!


WE Day at Wembley  Check out our Sixth Form students at Wembley Stadium today for the WE Day – already seen them and Miss Chomanicz twice!!!

This Week’s News!

There’s a lot going on at CBC this week – Spring has definitely sprung even if the weather doesn’t know it yet!  Assemblies this week are really positive – rewarding our successful students and looking at Fairtrade (which we’re also making a big deal of in the canteen, staffroom and sixth form area).  There are also some well-deserved reward trips going out for selected students in Y8 and Y10.  A bigger trip, as part of the Comenius Project, has also gone to Belgium this week with Miss. Stone and Mr. Hafesji – I’m sure they’ll write to you all when they get back.

Another, more sombre, trip went today with four Y12 students spending the day in Poland.   The trip has been funded by the Holocaust Educational Trust/UK government and involves our students visiting;

A pre-WW2 Jewish village


Auschwitz Birkenau

A multi faith remembrance ceremony in Auschwitz.

Linked to this, students have also been carrying out their roles as Anne Frank Ambassadors by guiding international visitors during the exhibition being held at Kala Sangam.

The final session of the Tales from the Road art project will have taken place this week.  However, as one exciting opportunity ends, another begins with the In Communities Interbuild Skills Competition – 9th and 11th March 2015.


Meanwhile, Miss. Henstock is still searching for toys and baby equipment to support the year 11 Child Development course. Any equipment, toys or books for children aged 0 to 5 would be entirely appreciated. Please pass these to Miss Henstock if you can help.


Mr Calveley Shortlisted in T&A Education Awards

Congratulations to Mr Calveley for being shortlisted in the T&A Education Awards for “Voluntary Contribution”.  Mr Calveley often gives up his evenings and weekends to make sure students of Carlton Bolling Collage are able to experience a host of opportunities; taking students on expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, teaching new skills outside the curriculum, tree planting, etc.  He is a great ambassador for our school and deserves to win this award – find out on 5th March.  Good luck Mr Calveley – we are all behind you!

D of E Pract

Mr Calveley is in the hat, second from the right!

Carlton Bolling Cricketers Have Done It Again!!!

This time a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Year 8 boys cricket team who yesterday won five of their five matches to get through to the Yorkshire Championships at Headingly!

Watch this space for details of all our fantastic cricketers and their forthcoming matches.

Lady Mayoress’ Festival of Talent

Congratulations to Satkiran and Eesa who both performed at Future House yesterday evening in the semi-finals of the Lady Mayoress’ Festival of Talent;  a showcase of performance of Bradford schools .  Impressionist Eesa wowed the judges and was selected to progress to the finals on 12th March at Bradford College.  Tickets available from school via Miss Merifield – come along to give your support!

Talk to us!

“We’re delighted that the blog has had nearly 600 hits so far, we’ve not been going long and it’s great that so many people are interested in what we’re up to.  As well as giving you information we would really like this blog to be an opportunity for you to talk to us – a ‘community Q&A’ so please feel free to post comments and ask questions.  We REALLY want to talk to you!”

Jonathan’s Weekly Ramblings ………

Following the wintery interruption last week we return to another five days of academia in the run up to the half-term break, and with weather forecasters hinting at further snowy spells we wait with bated (if frozen) breath.

As many of this readership will be aware, via varying media outlets, the latest school tables, statistics and general quantitative efforts produced from those in charge of education nationally were released late last week.  Our individual school has cause for celebrations; despite having the third lowest (26th out of 29 Bradford schools relating to the KS2 Points of students who come to us) prior ability intake we came joint 12th for 5 A*-C GCSEs, including English and Maths, which places us in the lofty heights of the top half. According to that we are better than average! Focusing on further breakdowns of the figures we were placed joint 11th for expected English progress, alongside Bingley Grammar.  However, I have kept the best to last, if you thought joint 12th and 11th was good then have a look at us in 4th place for both Maths expected progress and average English and Maths combined progress, 4th out of 29. Only Beckfoot School (Outstanding school), Ilkley Grammar (Good school) and Feversham are above us there!

A particular favourite weekly feature is the Idiom of the Week – fairly self-explanatory. Last week we had the Red Herring, this week we take a look at the Lion’s Share. In one of Aesop’s (Google it) many fables a lion hunts with a jackal and fox, killing a stag into four portions; in dividing the carcass, the lion decides that the first portion should go to him as the “King of beasts”, the second also he decides should go himself as the “judge” and the third portion (I think you know what is coming) is claimed by the lion for being the “best hunter” (terms have been simplified, no comment on your intelligence, it’s just that translation from ancient Greek is rather difficult). On the fourth and final portion the lion also asserts ownership, though at this point little reason is necessary. As a result we have come to term the whole or majority share of something as the ‘Lion’s share’. See the tenuous link?

In final news there is an exhibition of student prints hung in Bradford’s illustrious Cartwright Hall as part of an exhibition called ‘Here we Live’. The home of Hockney’s art, recently of Rossetti’s and Morris’, accompanied by our own students masterpieces – I am not biased, I promise. Alongside their placement in the centre of Lister Park’s fecund surroundings, they are also being hung in shops and businesses in Otley Road at the bottom of the hill from school. The pieces focus upon positives relating to the relationship of people in the local community, creating artful prints of local shop keepers and business people working within the area close to Carlton Bolling.

Jonathan Green, Y13.

Congratulations Duke of Edinburgh Award Achievers!

A group of seven of our Post-16 students were at City Hall yesterday evening to be presented with their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards from the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr. Mike Gibbons.  A huge “well done” to all of you for a fantastic demonstration of commitment undertaking a new skill, a community activity, a physical challenge and the expedition.

IMG_2950    GO FOR SILVER !!!